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A good method for cleaning aluminum bar surfaces with high speed flame

Author: Linyi Xindingsheng Alloy Technology Co., LtdTime: 2017-09-30 16:24:42

The surface treatment of aluminum rod by flame cleaning is a high performance, cost effective and non pollution cleaning scheme of metal surface, the residence time of the treatment process improvement greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and labor productivity.

The design of powerful flame (Powerflame) burner achieves maximum residence time under the condition of high speed design. Developed by Enercon and equipped with advanced control systems and power supplies, the "powerful flame" burner produces more powerful cleaning power in less time than conventional flame systems.

A strong flame burner is characterized with high strength and precision machining of CNC burner subject and detachable insert the nozzle, burner section between the water-cooling nozzle is equipped with a "strong horizontal flame" component, the rotary flame treatment system for cold rolling aluminum rod belt is a kind of special environmental protection technical scheme, for example, from 6061 aluminum rod surface with surface clearance of rolling oil is usually used solvent, detergent solution and vapor degreasing, not only harmful to the environment and waste, increase energy consumption, the rotary flame treatment system due to save energy and save cost, eliminating the use of chemicals, after the surface treatment process, cleaned 6061 aluminum rod surface with surface showed improvement in visual appearance and wettability. Enercon's rotary flame treatment system using electron ion impact aluminum rod surface with heat to evaporate the contaminants on the surface, so the surface lubricant and the residue is from aluminum and steel metal surface is cleared, without processing waste. The hydrophilic properties of the treated surfaces are distinct.