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Linyi Dingsheng Alloy Technology Co. Ltd is a casting enterprises, mainly the production of A356.2, zL104, ZL102, 1050, 1070, 6063 bars, ADC12 aluminum, metallurgical products, aluminum deoxidation block (aluminum content 98%-99.5%), a comprehensive high-tech enterprises aluminum ferroalloy and products, the company has advanced science and technology. In the industry established a "technology professional and accurate image".

The company formerly known as Linyi Dingsheng Aluminium Co. Ltd., founded in 2009, to expand the scale of production, to better serve the market, in 2017 June, newly registered new Linyi Dingsheng Alloy Technology Co. Ltd., and moved to Shandong city in Linyi Province, "aluminum town" said the book Shan Zhen Nan Tong Yi Zhuang, the registered capital of 50 million, covers an area of 38000 square meters.

Linyi Dingsheng Alloy Technology Co., attaches great importance to the research and development of technology products, has been a high standard, high quality as the code of conduct, adhere to the "science and technology dominate the market, marketing to promote the market" development strategy, continue to lead the industry to upgrade technology, and now owns 5 environmental protection low nitrogen diffusion combustion energy-saving melting furnace, two alloy ingot production line (water immersion casting machine), using the H ms165 type manipulator, the annual output reached 60 thousand tons of --7.

Linyi Dingsheng alloy technology limited company uphold the unique technology, advanced technology, rigorous attitude and the concept of continuous innovation, and adhere to the customer site, constantly in-depth understanding of customer needs, conditions and listening to customer feedback to provide more quality services, won the majority of customers are recognized.

Companies adhering to the principle of winning the market by quality, relying on innovation to promote the development of the principle, through relocation, transformation and strengthening management, so that the rapid development of enterprises, will go to a high goal, better serve the market, better return to society.