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Method for low hardness of aluminium rod

Author: Linyi Xindingsheng Alloy Technology Co., LtdTime: 2017-07-29 19:11:30

Setting and control 1, aluminum bar aging temperature: usually, aging temperature and aging furnace surface temperature has a certain error, set the surface temperature according to the actual temperature of the furnace to set, and pay close attention to the fluctuation of temperature aging.

2, aluminum rod aging insulation: in strict accordance with process requirements for aging, insulation time to be appropriate, to prevent the aging or over aging, resulting in lack of hardness. Blank frame, charging

3, aluminum rod extrusion can not be too close to a frame, interval between materials and materials, especially small material, unventilated thick interval more larger, pipe material and small material, plate material with a box, put the tube material which is beneficial to the aging of circulating air.

Before the 4 aluminum rod is installed, the other special alloy of 6xxx should be separated from the ordinary 6063 alloy. The aging time of the furnace must be the same as that of the ordinary alloy.

Extrusion of the 6061 aluminum rods, without aging before the hardness is low, can not be used as finished products, therefore, in general, must be aging to improve the strength. Generally, the aging can be divided into two kinds of natural aging and artificial aging. At present, the production of 6xxx aluminum profile is still mainly in the future.